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Progressive Roadmap Conference
7 Magh 2079
 January 2023) 
Islamic Culture Center, Balkhu, Kathmandu, Nepal

Let's Connect for a Better Tomorrow

We aim to Connect the Experienced Minds with Passionate Souls to set Constructive Action Plans towards Society Betterment.

Having a basic dignified life is everyone's right and people should feel empowered to claim it. We believe that Right Education with Good Intent can be a powerful tool to enable people to bring positive change in their lives. The cause has been addressed by many great leaders and reformers before, and now, and will be in future.


We at Progressive Roadmap Conference aim to bring Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Academicians, Administrators, Philanthropists, Reformers, and more experienced minds at a constructive common platform with Investors to set, track and achieve milestones in a vision towards a Progressive Society.

PRC-21-Jan-2023-Nepal is finally here. Get inspired by forward-thinking keynote speakers, networking with influential attendees, and much more. Register today and join us for a unique and inspiring experience.

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Islamic Culture Center, Balkhu, Kathmandu, Nepal

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