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Progressive Roadmap Conference

7 Magh 2079

(21 January 2023)

Islamic Culture Center, Balkhu, Kathmandu, Nepal


in association with

Mission RAIN

One day conference for brainstorming on following topics:

  • Overview and Status of Education Sector in Nepal

  • Quality Education : Transforming Academic Institution from Existence to Excellence.

  • Higher Education : Challenges in Improving Higher Education in Nepal.

  • Dropouts Rate  : Aligning Students from Nursery to Naukri.

  • Education Model : Success Stories and its Relevance in Nepal.

  • Academic Environment : Leading to Civil Services and Professional Avenues.

  • Growth Opportunities : Global Environment for Students of 21st Century.

  • Community based Academic Institutions:

    • Infrastructure Development

    • Regulatory Requirements

    • Administration and Management

  • Bridging the gap through Problem-based Learning

  • Effective teaching techniques- DEEP IMMERSIVE LEARNING

  • Encourage students to choose the right career options - EDUCATION BEYOND SCHOOLING

Islamic Culture Center, Balkhu, Kathmandu, Nepal
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